SENS Foundation

laboratory researchThe SENS Foundation is a research based non-profit organization that was co-founded in the year 2009 by Aubrey de Grey, Sarah Marr, Michael Kope, Jeff Hall as well as Kevin Perrott. It is actively supported by independent investors and philanthropists. Jason Hope, a successful entrepreneur from Scottsdale, Arizona, donated $500,000 to SENS Research Foundation in 2010. It is based in the United States in Mountain View, California. Its core activities entail public relations work and research programs on the application of the regenerative type of medicine to aging. This organization is solely focused on transforming the ways by which the world usually engages in the research and treatment of age-related disease. The ultimate objective of SENS remains the eventual elimination of infirmity and aging-related diseases by the repeatedly reduction of the senescence in an organism.

What exactly is SENS? It stands for Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence. It can be described as a collection of categories under one umbrella as opposed to a specific program. Scientifically, it can be described as a synthesis of knowledge that exists from a broad mainstream location on the aging process and the diseases associated with aging. SENS is therefore a proposal that is mainly based on research spanning decades which has successfully identified the various forms of damage as well as changes in the old tissues that are fundamental. These damages have been found to be as a result of metabolic processes. SENS therefore pulls work from many small fields of medical research together. This is in a bid to produce therapies that are able to reverse or repair the damage forms associated with the aging process irrelevant.

The existence of SENS is premised on the idea that a huge chunk of the modern funding to medical research on aging goes towards the building of a great understanding of the damage progression. This amount of funding is more than the amount that actually goes into trying to do something about this progression and this is where it is focused on. The Foundation realizes that the damage is well known to the medical researchers but there are no known ways for repairing this well known cellular damage which is responsible for aging. It is on the path to find out whether there is something more that could be done to not only repair or reverse the damages caused by aging but also assist the people who are old to suffer less damage.

medical fundingThe research is focused on ways to add a few more years to the human longevity in life. Currently a lot of funds are being used to turn the traditional medical research to longevity science which will be a long and slow process. This long process will also not yield any meaningful gain in the search for a solution in increasing human longevity. This is the reasoning behind the calls to implement the SENS approach to find better interventions on how to scale down the aging process at a much lower cost but with a huge potential payoff.